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Posted by Louise on 8 November, 2012

The restaurant industry is a competitive one, especially in this climate with all this financial doom and gloom hanging over us all like a big black cloud.  You have to fight to succeed…
There are lots of restaurants and bars for guests to choose from, with every conceivable type of dining experience catered for. You may think that you provide fantastic food, at a great price, in beautiful surroundings all topped off with great service but most businesses will try and boast exactly the same things even if they don”t quiet deliver them, so its all about making sure you stand : Check out the latest pics of BieberLater that day, tweeted that he was leaving the party town and jetting off to his next destination. out from the crowd.

Word of mouth still remains one online casino of the most powerful forms of restaurant marketing, give your guests a great dining experience and many will return, they will tell their friends, family and colleagues, resulting in a blossoming customer base. However, word of mouth referrals take time and with bills to pay you can’t exclusively rely on them and lets be honest, if you really are proud of your brand, you need to shout about it from the rooftops!

Most restaurants have got the later part of the week sewn up, Thursday to Saturday nights pretty much take care of themselves. Focus on building business in the early part of the week and you won”t just live for the weekend!

Restaurant marketing takes many forms but the main thing to remember is that the majority of any restaurant’s guests will either live or work within a mile radius, so It makes sense to focus your efforts on your local community.

Start by working on a plan to sweat your local assets  including large corporate offices, golf clubs, schools etc by offering affiliate schemes, selective discounts and tailored offers.
Remember busy restaurants spend on average 3% of their turnover marketing their business, that’s why they are busy, so don’t delay start marketing your restaurant today!

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