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Posted by Louise on 23 March, 2012

As a weekly commuter into Kings Cross station I have always found it difficult to pick up some fast food on the go, without it being packed with either grease or fat. So imagine my disbelief earlier this week to find that not only has the station itself been given a massive make over, making it clean, light and airy but that the station big wigs have also placed a decent natural fast food unit into theirВ new prime location too! I literally felt lost and thought I had stumbled into St Pancras station by mistake either that or the twilight zone.

Leon is situated right under the departures board which in my opinion is THE absolute prime location in the station. Greeted by warm friendly staff that helped explain this wonderful new concept to me,В I decided to give it a whirl and opted Men taurus horoscope love are fond of conquering numerous fortresses. for a chicken, rice and “slaw hot box and fresh Leon-made lemonade.

I have to say I have never eaten something that tasty in aВ station before, the standard and tastes would even give most standard restaurant grub a casino run for its money. The chicken was well cooked and moist and the Sanitization Methods: Bit Toggle, DoD 5220. “slaw was not the typical mayo laden cabbage but was lightly dressed with garden peas and mint. Who would have thought that anything served in Kings Cross station could be described as “lightly dressed”?

The site itself mixes a traditional feel with a modern twist. All of the marketing literature echoes these values, right down to the packaging, websiteВ and takeaway literature. They are not shy about shouting about what they do best with key messages on the takeaway menu like “We bring you boldly-flavoured, naturally fast food every day”and “We don”t use the bad fats and bad sugars that make you fall asleep and wake up fat””with slogans like that, I for one am sold!

Having checked out their website I also noted that they Leon have produced a fast food cook book, whichВ I swiftly purchased and is winging its way to me from Amazon as we speak.

  • Agree 1,000,000%! The poached egg cups are particularly stunning (just what you need for breakfast on the run)

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