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Posted by Louise on 7 February, 2012


After suffering in silence for many years, experiencing in some instances, a complete lack of customer service in many of my local restaurants and retail outlets, I have decided to vent my frustrations here, listing my top ‘pet peeves’.

Get these simple things right in your restaurant and your customers will love you for it-Fact

1.Waiters polishing cutlery on a service station directly into a drawer, right next to your romantic table for two, clattering each piece of cutlery as they go!
2.Main courses that arrive but there is no cutlery on your table, you then have to get up and  disturb casino online a waitress who is busy chatting about her ‘awesome’ weekend to ask them to get you some…
3.Waiting an eternity for a dish to arrive from the kitchen or worst still your dining partner receiving theirs and yours is still nowhere to be seen. Starters should take around 15 minutes and mains around 25 to get to your table!
4.On the flip side being rushed and your food appearing 5 minutes after ordering it and your mains arriving while you still have your dirty starter plates makes you feel pressured, to eat and leave. If food is made fresh in house, it will take time for it to be cooked
5.Too many check backs “Yes we are fine thank you” now go away and learn to read your tables

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