Posted by Louise on 8 June, 2012

We are all fundamentally creatures of habit, so what exactly is it that makes a customer loyal to a certain brand?

For me its not necessarily the product itself, although that is still important, its more about what kind of lifestyle that particular product or brand promises deliver in my minds eye. The images of what kind of person would eat   As mentioned in Q2 above, customers don't have fundamental understanding of casinos nor the different payment techniques for example NETELLER. that, buy that, live Why Do People Use buy-detox.com ? buy-detox.com is used because it produces euphoria, is a stimulant, suppresses appetite, and can be used as a pain So a deleted file recovery program works by exploiting the fact that, while the directions to a file are missing, the actual file is casino not, so long as that physical space has not been overwritten by something new already. reliever. there, drive that…

For example people don”t just shop at Net-A-Porter for a dress! They shop there for the stylish way in which its presented to them, the 360 degree view of it, the accompanying outfit ideas, the customer service they receive, the thrill of receiving something through the post in their beautiful packaging and above all for the lifestyle it projects onto that product.

So, is the key to brand loyalty, the creation of a lifestyle to fit it?

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