Complaints and how to deal with them…

Posted by Louise on 20 February, 2012

I have been lucky or unlucky enough, depends how you look at it, to deal with customer complaints for a number of restaurant companies. It”s not the easiest area to deal with, especially if like me, you are passionate about your brand and feel like you want to defend it to the death! Swords at the ready…

I have found in various businesses that the biggest number one complaint, is usually that the initial complaint wasn”t dealt with correctly. No matter how large the actual problem is, the fact that it wasn”t dealt with swiftly and painlessly at the time, always seems to be the cataylist for a guest to put pen to paper. No one likes to complain especially in this country, so if a guest does, it just means that they want to be heard. Dealing with complaints isn”t as hard as it sounds, so I thought I would give you all a few pointers of things I have learnt along the way, to make your lives easier;

Listen to what your guest is telling you complaints are just another form of feedback and feedback can be taken as a positive way for you to best online casino improve your business, whether the feedback is good or bad.

Say sorry, take the emotion out of it and apologise. Even if you dont feel the nbso complaint is valid, apologise that the guest “feels that way” and assure them that steps will be taken to rectify the situation. For example, If a steak isn”t cooked to the guests spec, take it away and bring back a fresh one. At the same time offer to remove their dining partners plates of food to keep them warm until all is sorted, then they can still eat together. No one goes out to dinner to watch someone else eat!

Do what you say you are going to do! If you have told a guest that you will remove a dish from their bill or grab them some complimentary drinks to apologise for the wait at the bar, make sure you do and that it doesn”t appear on the bill.

Compensation always give slightly more than you think is adequate, that way you”ll transform a complaint into a conversation about how great the whole incident was all handled.

If I had a pound for every time I converted a complaint into a thank you, i”d be living in Buckingham Palace by now!

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