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Posted by Louise on 13 June, 2013


The importance of social media is at an all time high. It provides brands with the means to communicate directly with its customers and has the added bonus of being absolutely free. So why do so many companies not participate in this free, direct to your customer, online world? Simple…They don”t know how! Lets get learning people, everyday is a school day.


Twitter in my opinion is the easiest social media platform to work with as it uses “short form content” ie you don”t have to waffle on to get your message across. Messages need to be short (140 characters long) and to the point. Images and video links can also be added which give content some umph. There is the added bonus of getting your content to trend with the use of a hash-tag phrase but that”s something you will learn as you go along.

First things first, set up a profile here and become familiar with the twittersphere before you post a thing! It”s quick and easy to set up a profile, image and a few lines about your business including web address and you”re good to go…

Once your profile is set up search your competitors, brands you love and follow them (click the follow button) to get an idea of who is posting what. The etiquette on twitter at the beginning stages is to follow whoever follows you but with a set limit on how many people you can follow, you may soon have to become more choosy. 

Tone of voice is important, you want to sound approachable without being over familiar, no slang, no swear words, nothing http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr politically motivated and please god don”t end any tweets with a kiss, this is not texting a friend, this is a platform to Dans notre classement des meilleurs casinos sur mac, on retrouve casino 7Red et le casino tropezia, toutes deux en version Flash, compatible Mac et equipe de l’editeur Betsoft Gaming. showcase your brand to the world. As long as you stay away from conversation no no”s such as religion and politics,you should be fine.
Spice up your content, you don”t want tweets to be about empty tables at lunchtime or be constant sales patter, if you are a restaurant business think about posting seasonal, fresh, tasty things, if you are a retail business new items and delivery drops are a great way to go and drum up excitement. Remember to spell check and use grammar and punctuation as you would normally.

As your presence on twitter grows you are bound to receive feedback which is both positive and negative. Here”s a note about negative feedback, always publicly reply to a customers tweet ,as this shows you value any feedback that will help improve your business.

You don”t need to apologise outright until you have the full story so say something along the lines of “I”m so sorry to hear that, could you please DM (Direct message which is private) your email address and number to me, so I can investigate this further for you.”

Once you have publicly acknowledged the guests feedback take all communication off line, ie not in the public forum. Twitter conversations or arguments are never pretty!

If you need further hints aqnd tips please dont hesitate to tweet me @LouiseHitch

Happy tweeting!

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