Its a woman's world!

Posted by Louise on 12 March, 2012

Celebrating the fact that it was “Internationals women”s day” last week, I thought that I would take some time out to write about some ladies that inspire me…

Out of my close girlie friends, only a handful still work for an employer and most have opted to branch out on their own. One friend has her own very successful fashion line called “Oh my love” which is currently stocked in Topshop, another friend is about to launch a vitamin supplement company called “Inner me”, her packaging is to die for! These women are a constant inspiration to me and have been one of the main driving forces inspiring me to go solo too.

Another woman high on my inspiration list is Sara Blakely who started the US company Spanx just over 10 years ago, she has become the youngest self made billionaire to make the Forbes Rich list!
Impressive stuff, from a company that begin with her own initial investment of $5,000. With barely any of her budget set aside for packaging, design, marketing or advertising, Sara spent evenings working away on her computer designing her own The Affordable Care Act requires that all Americans who have access to affordable health obtain "minimum essential coverage" by 2014 (or pay a tax if they choose to opt out). logo and reading up on marketing tips.
Read more about her story here. She is an inspiration to any female looking to start her own company as many young women are these days.

And last but definitely not least is my mum, who inspires me everyday. In honour of Mother”s day which is at the end of this week, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank her. She is the glue that holds me together, she has always been my number one cheerleader, cheering me on with her mantra “you can do anything you put your mind to” and she is a constant support in anything I do from the big things to the very little ones. I don”t know what I would do without her and so I”d like to dedicate this post to her- Thanks mum, I”m unbelievably proud to be your daughter!

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