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Posted by Louise on 12 August, 2014

IMG_5046Healthy eating has become a passion of mine in recent years, following a bout of unsettled digestive health. It has become increasingly important for me to choose healthy options both in and out of the home. Let”s be honest with type 2 diabetes and obesity stats in the UK as high as they are, a lot more people should be concerned too. Recent statistics from the Heath and Social care Information Centre, show that there has been marked increase in the proportion of overweight adults in the UK. Obesity from 1993-2012 increased substantially from 57.6% to 66.6% among men and from 48.6% to 57.2% in women. Over half of all men and women in the UK are classified as obese. Shocking facts, I”m sure online casino dgfev you will agree.

The mainstream restaurant industry falls short in most instances and is a completely different business “universe” to that of the health food movement. You come across many restaurant chefs who still find it annoying to cater to vegetarians never mind someone suffering from coeliac disease. Its time to change and become better educated about nutrition and our bodies… otherwise it will kill us!

To further my knowledge in this area and become better informed, I recently completed a level 5 diploma in Nutritional Studies with the College for Nutrition. As a qualified Nutritionist, I am now able to help individuals make more informed personal dietary changes as well as helping my clients provide better options for their restaurant diners.

I will be sharing some of my recipes and ideas on this blog for those of you looking to make healthier choices at home, stay tuned for more updates…

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